Asia-Pacific Conference on Performance Analysis of Sports 2019


1. Opening address

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2. Keynote lectures

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3. Oral presentations

2-1. Amazing Functions and Interactions of Fungal Cells and Communities
2-2. Asian Fungal Resources, Inventory, Diversity and Future Applications
2-3. Asian Traditional Fermentation, Sources for Future Beneficial Dietary Cultures
2-4. Multi-technological Approaches to Food Mycology
2-5. Mushrooms: Economic and Ecological Importance in Asia
2-6. OMICS Expands the Future of Mycology
2-7. The Fascinating Networks of Fungi and Other Organisms
2-8. Threats of Fungi to Humanity and Nature
2-9. Towards a Productive Future for Fungal Molecular Phylogeny

4. Posters

Two min talk in the poster short presentation session (Poster Flash Presentation) is required to all poster presentation.

5. Special Interest Groups

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6. Workshop

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