Asia-Pacific Conference on Performance Analysis of Sports 2019


Programme at a glance

September 30, 2019

Pre-congress workshop: Identification of Mitosporic fungi under a Microscope.
Supported by IMA and MSJ

October 1, 2019

Registration, Poster Hanging, Poster Mixer

Pre-congress workshop: Identification of Mitosporic fungi under a Microscope.
Supported by IMA and MSJ
Satellite Workshop: The 2nd workshop on ‘Genetic diversity and molecular breeding in cultivated mushrooms' by SPIRITS (Kyoto University)
IMA EC Meeting

October 2, 2019

Registration, Opening Ceremony, Plenary Lecture, Keynote Lectures, Sessions
Poster Presentation, Poster Mixer

October 3, 2019

Registration, Plenary Lecture, Keynote Lectures, Sessions
AMA EC Meeting
Excursion Ⅰ (at an extra-cost option): Mushrooms in Japanese religious forest
Excursion Ⅱ (at an extra-cost option): Real Japanese Icons
Night session “Lovesicks for Mushrooms”

October 4, 2019

Plenary Lecture, Sessions, Plenary Symposium “Maestro of Mycology”
Closing ceremony, Banquet (at an extra-cost option)

1. Plenary Lecture

Prof. Dr. Marc Stadler (Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research)
Prof. Dr. Xingzhong Liu (State Key laboratory of Mycology, Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Prof. Dr. Yuichi Yamaoka (Tsukuba University)

2. Keynote lectures

Dr. Jennifer Luangsa-ard (BIOTEC, NSTDA)
Prof. Dr. Wei-Chiang Shen (National Taiwan University)
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wieland Meyer (Westmead Clinical School, University of Sydney)

3. Oral Sessions

Concurrent Sessions and Chairs (updated at 2019 1, 9)

Nos Categories Session title (tentative) Session Chair country
1 Chytrids Biodiversity, Systematics & Ecology of Early Diverging Fungi Kagami, M. (Yokohama National Univ.) Japan
KeywordsChytridiomycota, Rozellomycota (Cryptomycota) , Aphelidiomycota
2 Oomycota Species Barcoding of Oomycota under negotiation  
KeywordsOomycetes, taxonomy, phylogeny
3 Zygomycota Biodiversity, Systematics & Ecology of "Zygomycota" under negotiation  
KeywordsBiodiversity, Systematics & Ecology of "Zygomycota"
4 Basidiomycota Diversity, Phylogeny & Ecology of Agaricomycotina Zhu L. Yang
(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
KeywordsDiversity, phylogeny, evolution, ecology, mushrooms, larger basidiomycetes
5 Ascomycetes Biodiversity, Systmatics & Ecology of Ascomycota Ariyawansa, H.A. (National Taiwan Univ.) Taiwan
KeywordsBiodiversity, Systmatics & Ecology of Ascomycota
6 Fungal taxonomy New Taxonomic Schemes in Penicillium and Its Implication for Applied Research under negotiation  
phylogeny, species concept, diversity, applied research, food spoilage, indoor mycology, Talaromyces
7 Fungal taxonomy Taxonomy, Systematic and Evolution of Aspegillus Yaguchi, T. (Chiba Univ.),
Hong S. (KACC)
Japan, Korea
KeywordsTaxonomy, evolution, Aspergillus
8 Genomics Genomics of filamentous fungi Emi Kunitake (Mie Univ.) Japan
Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics, Gene regulation, Plant pathogen, Enzyme production, Oomycetes
9 Genetics Fungal Genetics and Genomics Han, K.H. (Woosuk Univ.) Korea
KeywordsGene function, Cellular and molecular fungal biology, Functional genomics, Gene regulation
10 Fungal biogeography Biogeography and Phylogeny of Powdery Mildew Fungi Kiss, L. (Univ. of Southern Queensland) Australia
KeywordsBiogeography, obligate parasitism, Phylogeny
11 Fungal physiology Fungi in Stress Environment Yamaji, K. (Tsukuba Univ.) Japan
Keywordsmetal, radioactive materials, drought, salt, air-pollutants, low light
12 Plant pathology Biological Control of Fungal Diseases Alvindia, D.G. (PhilMech) Philippines
KeywordsBiological control
13 Plant pathology Fungal Plant Pathogens in Asia Cai, L. (Chinese Academy of Sciences) China
KeywordsDiagnosis, Fungal Biodiverity, Phylogeny, Taxonomy
14 Fungal ecology Conservation of Fungal Diversity Orihara, T. (Kanagawa Museum) Japan
KeywordsHypogeous fungi, endangered taxa, Database
15 Fresh water / Marine fungi Aquatic fungi: Biodiversity, Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Potential Applications Suetrong, S. (BIOTEC) Thailand
KeywordsAquatic habitats, Marine fungi, Freshwater fungi, Biogeography, Phylogeny
16 Environmental DNA Environmental DNA as a Tool for Ecological Research of Fungi Fukasawa, Y. (Tohoku Univ.) Japan
Keywordsbiotic interaction, ecological network, eDNA, fungal community, metabarcoding, NGS
17 Symbiosis Biological Interaction Among Fungi and Other Organisms Obase, K. (FFPRI) Japan
Endofungal bacteria, Host-microbe interaction, Intra- and inter-specific interaction, Mycorrhizal helper bacteria, Nutritional interaction
18 Mycorrhiza Evolution and Diversification of Mycorrhizal fungi Kinoshita, A. (FFPRI) Japan
Keywordsbiogeography, habitat preference, host specificity, interactions, speciation
19 Entomopahogens Diversity of entomopathogenic fungi Luangsa-ard, J. (BIOTEC, NSTDA) Thailand
KeywordsEvolution, Phylogeny, Taxonomy, Application
20 Fungal virology Yin and Yang Effects of Infection by Mycoviruses Suzuki, N. (Okayama Univ.) Japan
KeywordsFungal viruses, mycoviruses
21 Culture collection Collection of Yeasts in Asia Bai, F.Y. (Chinese Academy of Sciences) China
KeywordsYeast, Taxnonomy
22 Natural products Novel Anti-infective Agents and Other Useful Secondary Metabolites from Filamentous Fungi Stadler, M.
(Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research)
KeywordsNatural products, Biotechnology, Analytical chemistry, Secondary metabolites
23 Mushroom industry I Problems and Prospects of Mushroom Industry in the Developing Countries Reyes, R.G. (Central LUzon State Univ.) Philippines
KeywordsFungal bioresource, small scale farmer, dissemination
24 Mushroom industry II Future Perspective for the Use of Medicinal Mushroom in Health and Disease States Gabazza, E.C. (Mie Univ.) Japan
Fungal extracts, active components, metabolites, antioxidants, allergy, inflammation, cancer, supplements, practical application, microbiome
25 Food microbiology Microbiology in Asian Food Fermentation Maruyama, J. (The Univ. Tokyo) Japan
Keywordsfood, fermentation, microorganism, diversity, gene, genome

4. Posters

Two min talk in the poster short presentation session (Poster Flash Presentation) is required to all poster presentation.

5. Special Interest Groups

Requests for Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings should be directed to contact email below with this application form. The deadline for submission is February 28, 2019.

6. Workshop

  • 1) Pre-congress workshop: Identification of Mitosporic fungi under a Microscope.
    Supported by IMA and MSJ (Flyer)
  • 2) Satellite Workshop: The 2nd workshop on ‘Genetic diversity and molecular breeding in cultivated mushrooms' by SPIRITS (Kyoto University) (Flyer)