Asia-Pacific Conference on Performance Analysis of Sports 2019

Abstract submission

1. Abstract submission

Asian Mycological Congress 2019 in Mie
Call for Submission of Abstracts

Below are instructions for the submission of Abstracts for review and presentation at the Asian Mycological Congress 2019 in Mie Oct. 1st to 4th in Mie, Japan.
Abstract submission is accepted after the registration (Registration code which is issued after the payment should be entered on the registration page).

General Information on Abstracts

The deadline date for Titles/Abstracts to be submitted is 30th July 2019.

5th AUG 2019

Abstract submission was closed.
If you have any problem for your submitted abstract, please contact to:

Abstracts will be limited to 250 words. Prior to the meeting the decision to be accepted or not, type (oral/poster), and scheduling of your presentation, will be available online and e-mail which you registered. The abstracts will be published on-line in the Congress software in lieu of hard copies.
Note: Abstract by absentees will be deleted from the final version of the abstracts.

Abstract Preparation

  1. The abstract body should follow the structure of Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusions.
  2. The total number of characters including abstract body, author’s name(s) and affiliation(s) should be no more than 2300 characters.
  3. Use halfwidth letters only. Please also follow the instructions on the submission form for describing superscript, subscript, or bold letters.
  4. Abstracts should not include any diagrams, charts, or reference citations.
  5. For changes and withdrawal of abstract, please log in with your ID and password by clicking "Abstract Submission" at the bottom of "Call for abstracts" page.
    • Superscript: {sup}{/sup}: Example: Na{sup}+{/sup} → Na+
    • Subscript: {sub}{/sub}: Example: H{sub}2{/sub} → H2O
    • Bold: {b}{/b}: Example: {b}AAA{/b} → AAA
    For the scientific name and sections (ie, Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusions), you should use the BOLD tags, {b} name {/b}.
    • {b} Purpose:{/b} Fungi are….
    • {b}Methods:{/b} Several parameters were examined…
    • {b}Results and conclusions:{/b} These results show…

Categories of Presentation

Plenary/Keynote lectures: Invited speakers only
SIGs: speakers arranged by the SIG organizer only
Regular oral presentations: Selected by the concurrent session chairs
Poster presentations: other presentations

Rules on Numbers of Presentations

Each registrant is encouraged to present, as primary author, only one contribution for concurrent sessions except as a speaker of Plenary lectures, Keynote lectures, SIGs and Symposia. Registrants are welcomed as co-authors on additional presentations if another author serves as the presenter.

Oral/Poster Presentations

Regular oral presentations selected by the session chair are 15 minutes long (12 minute-talk and 3 minutes for questions). Symposium/SIG presentations are arranged by the organizers. Contact your organizers.
Two minutes long talk as the poster short presentation session (Poster Flash Presentation) without questions is required to all poster presentation.

Regular oral presentations must be created in Microsoft PowerPoint. PC computers running Microsoft Office 2016 will be provided. If you want to use your own PC or Mac because of complicated movies or other factors, please let the session chair know before the start of the session. In this case, the VGA/DVI/HDMI converter should be prepared by speaker. If you are using the provided PC, please load your presentation before the session or during the break using either a USB flash drive. You are advised to bring your own laser pointer/slide remote.
Poster short presentations must be created in a sheet of PDF file format. PC computers running Adobe Reader DC will be provided. You have to use provided PC in the presentation room. Please load your presentation before the session or during the break using either a USB flash drive.

Poster Presentations

Posters will be displayed on furnishing 2-sided room dividers. Posters should be a maximum of 900 mm wide and 1800 mm high (Portrait style).
Posters will be on display during the meeting, from October 1st to October 3rd. Posters can be put up after the registration at 13:00, October 1st. Each presenter should be present at their poster during their assigned session to answer questions. The assigned session will be indicated on abstract, which is published on-line. Each space will be marked with the abstract number/code assigned to that poster.
Posters must be removed at 15:00, October 3rd.